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X-Post: Calling All Inkers!!

(x-posted in artjam, furryartists and do -- My apologies if this doesn't seem applicable to any/all of these communities... I'm just trying to get this message out to as many people as possible.)

As of right now, I am seriously considering sanctioning the help of any and all willing artists for this book. What I need is an inker, or inkers (plural). My PREFERRED deadline is June 6th. My EXTENDED deadline is June 21st.

Now, even though I'm working full time, I still have a shot at finishing this myself. But, that will probably drain me of what little personality I've managed to cling on to throughout this existence I've laughingly called a life.

Asking for the help of fellow artists is something I've been seriously debating for some time, simply because I have very little that I can offer as payment. At BEST I can offer $10 per finished page. (I WILL be inking as well. So, that will cut costs somewhat for myself.) If, down the line, I find that I can offer more (at the very least a complimentary copy of the comic being a given), I promise that I will facilitate to the best of my abilities.

Anyone who is interested should email me directly at: pegasus316 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

This is being sent out to any and all who are interested. I will email a test page for you all to ink in whichever fashion you're most comfortable with. The details will be covered from there.

I will say that not every inking submission (should there be enough... much less ANY) that comes in will be accepted. Preferrably I would like to see inking styles that are at least somewhat close to mine. But, I will consider anything and everything that comes in right now.

Despite how truly pretentious that sounds, I'm honestly just trying to maintain a certain level of quality management.

Please contact me if you're interested. And, in advance, thank you for reading this far. :)


Adam "Pegasus316" Fullerton
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